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As a long established business we are only too aware that the cost of funerals have risen in recent years and they can be expensive. We are pleased to offer our own personalised funeral plans. This allows for the financial aspect to be taken care of in advance, as well as peace of mind that clear instructions have been left.

We work closely with Perfect Choice Funeral Plans who will manage the financial side of the funeral until the time comes. This ensures that should anything ever happen to our business then your money is not held in our bank account.

The unique advantage of a Perfect Choice Funeral Plan is that the full amount is ring fenced and held in a whole of life assurance policy which cannot be used for any other purpose. This ensures that all of our costs are guaranteed to be covered by the plan. 

At the time of the funeral there will not be a balance to pay on our costs as long as the funeral is as specified in the funeral plan. In some instances people choose to add on additional items which were not included in the original plan. An example of this may be an extra limousine and additions such as this can easily be made with the cost being payable at the time of need.

The only balance that may have to be paid will be if the third party costs have risen above the rate of the plan in which case the shortfall will be payable. This is due to the fact that each Local Authority set their own charges and there can be a difference of as much as 250% between the larger and more rural local authorities which serve our local area.

We firmly believe that a person should not receive a lesser level of service because they choose to make their wishes known to us in advance. That is why we will only ever have our staff meet with you to discuss a funeral plan. This enables us to provide an accurate cost, at today’s price, which will reflect exactly what your wishes are.

An increasing number of funeral planning companies deal directly with the public through sales people or agencies. We have found that this often involves high rates of commission which the public are not aware of. Because of this Thomas Cuthell & Sons will not deal with any company who operate in this manner as these people are not employed by us and will not have any contact with you at the time of the funeral.

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